Transition from Keys to Keyless Access

Are you currently using physical keys for your vacation rental properties? Find out how much money you could save annually implementing keyless access control.

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Estimate of your personnel operating expenses

Based on your input, you currently pay for a staff to manage handing out physical keys to guests. With keyless access locks, you could eliminate the need for front desk personnel by enabling your guests to go directly to the property and enter securely with a temporary access code.

Estimate of your key expenses

To produce a duplicate key for one lost key per property a month, costs you per year.

*Based on the 2018 ALOA Locksmith Pricing Survey.

Estimate of your rekeying expenses

To send maintenance personnel to rekey the lock, you may spend up to to rekey each unit once a year.

Total Expenses

Your yearly physical key expenses add up. On average, you are spending per year on your vacation rental access.

Total Potential Savings with Keyless Locks

Your keyless access control investment per door amortized over the average lifetime of seven years with the service fee per door included saves yearly operating expenses.

With Keyless Access Locks

Your annual unit access expenses will decrease significantly. Oracode keyless access locks have proven durability that last over 7 years on average. Oracode is an intelligent, electronic access control system that provides keyless access for temporary users, such as vacation renters, timeshare owners and corporate housing tenants. Using a time and date-specific code, eliminates keys as well as time-consuming access control management.

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These calculations are for estimate purpose only and are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.